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All individuals want to be successful in their chosen track that requires them to possess relevant qualities and deep knowledge. They should work hard even though they do not yet encounter magnificent results. They should believe on themselves so that they will not think of giving up when dilemmas transpire to their lives. There is a need to have positive outlook about life though complicated problems happen the same with Keith Mckittrick. This man has the qualities that made him be successful wherein he works hard and believe on his ability and stay positive though there are certain adversities.

And also, Keith is considered to be open-minded. Although, he has what it takes to become a great assistant coach and have many great accomplishments in his chosen path, he listens not only to his players but also to the head coach and other people who are part of the hockey club. In this way, he can correct what he does wrong, he will be aware whether he hurts others’ feelings or not that will make him to be a better assistant coach.

Due to the happiness and fulfillment that Keith Mckittrick feels about engaging to sports almost every day he as well possess the willingness to serve. This man will be more driven once he helps the players to develop their innate talents therefore see them learn as well. And this is as well the reason why Keith chooses to stay in hockey offering of great benefits to the entire players and team. In order for the player to attain great development this man would give ample time for the practice game. This man could also sacrifice some of his commitments just for the sake of the team being an interested and happy coach of the Hockey club named Portland Winterhawks. 

Keith Mckittrick acts in professional way because of possessing great integrity. This man is indeed of great leader to his team since aside from having the knowledge about code of ethics he would also follow it. For sure, all young athletes under Keith will learn to emulate the same character and wisdom that they will bring in the future. When it comes to Keith’s style of teaching, he makes sure that he shows over-imbuing enthusiasm so that the team will be eager to learn hockey.

Keith Mckittrick has numbers of qualities perfect to let him be successful in life as his secrets along with the knowledge that he already has.


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