Keith Mckittrick A Distinctive Hockey Coach and Director

All people in the world should choose what they love in order to be happy and fulfilled in the end just like Keith Mckittrick. He found that happiness in playing hockey. This sport serves as his daily motivation and inspiration. When he was young, he was totally fond of the sport. His love for sports continues as he decided to take sports management course at University of Minnesota. The university honed his skills and knowledge, which has helped him be an effective director, coach, and an individual at large.

Keith is known as a responsible director of Michigan State University’s Hockey operations. He handles tasks related to game presentation as well as post-game reviews for each player. In addition, he lend a hand to the University Staff during a recruitment procedure. Lastly, he oversees travel budget and team travel operations. Keith does not just handle Hockey Operations. Keith also handles team liaison and sports for skids. By which Keith Mckittrick showcases his several talents that can be taken by young athletes as well as clubs to their advantage.

Before handling the position of a director at Michigan State University, Keith has been an assistant for around two years at Minnesota Wild. Next to that, he served as the video coach at the USA hockey during the Three Nations Tournament in 2006. He continue his service as a video coach of USA hockey and served the team during the world junior championship. Once trusted with a particular task, Keith ensures that he made his best and put all his heart at the job. Through which people around him would think that he definitely deserved all the positions he has acquired. With the incredible experience, Keith was able to broaden his knowledge and hone his skills. 

Summing up, Keith Mckittrick as a director and a coach in hockey has done extraordinary things to the field. Keith great skills, knowledge, and service has a huge contribution to the Michigan State University as well as USA hockey Club. He served as one of the pedestals of the school and the hockey club when they were starting as well. Keith Mckittrick is obviously one of the smartest person in the field of hockey who has been a great help for athletes and all the people in the field. It is obvious that his passion for sport is what have helped him attain his reputation and achievements. Indeed, following what your heart desires will bring nothing but greatness.


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