Keith Mckittrick A Great Director And Coach In Hockey

All people in the world should choose what they love in order to be happy and fulfilled in the end just like Keith Mckittrick. Keith knows that hockey is his life. The sport makes him motivated and inspired every day of his life. Ever since Keith was just a mere child, he has already shown love for sports. The passion never died as he decided to take up college course dealing with sports management at Twin Cities University of Minnesota. The university honed his skills and knowledge, which has helped him be an effective director, coach, and an individual at large. 

Keith has earned a good reputation for being a hockey operation director at Michigan State University whom everyone can trust and rely on. He handles tasks related to game presentation as well as post-game reviews for each player. He also help University staff in the recruitment process. Lastly, he oversees travel budget and team travel operations. He has not only been the director of Hockey Operations of the school. Keith also handles team liaison and sports for skids. In this way, Keith Mckittrick has proven to everybody that he has many talents that would benefit many clubs and young athletes. 

Prior on becoming the Michigan State University director, Keith was a Minnesota Wile assistant from 2003-2005. Next to that, he served as the video coach at the USA hockey during the Three Nations Tournament in 2006. He continue his service as a video coach of USA hockey and served the team during the world junior championship. Once Keith was given an opportunity, he make sure that everything is done to perfection. Through which people around him would think that he definitely deserved all the positions he has acquired. With the incredible experience, Keith was able to broaden his knowledge and hone his skills. 

All in all, Keith Mckittrick has done great things in the field of hockey as a coach and in the field of business as a director. Keith great skills, knowledge, and service has a huge contribution to the Michigan State University as well as USA hockey Club. He has been on the organizations pedestals when they were just starting their journey to success. At large, Keith Mckittrick could be considered an intelligent person in this kind of sport whom you can totally rely on. It is obvious that his passion for sport is what have helped him attain his reputation and achievements. Indeed, following what your heart desires will bring nothing but greatness.


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